Leadership Development

Business Systems Consulting Leadership Development Services

 [icon name=”cogs” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  NEXERA provides many leadership development services to help your business succeed.

A core value of NEXERA is “People, Process, and Productivity” – This is accomplished by focusing on “People” first, then connecting people with a “Process” to see a natural improvement in “Productivity”

While anyone might be able to train employees or move money on a financial statement, our unique and proprietary processes allow us to develop both managers and service teams to produce more, engage more deeply and better serve your clients.

  • Leadership evaluation process
  • Leadership style assessments
  • Training plans designed specifically for client needs
  • We develop Clients’ existing staff, partnering to cultivate a solid team of managers and workers. We raise productivity and lower costs.
  • Our goal is a painless user experience which will improve customer satisfaction and retention by developing skills within managers and lowering turnover in a tough labor market. By showing managers where their team can improve, and by teaching them how to train employees, managers are empowered to improve their own team. This gives managers and employees a sense of camaraderie, control, and buy-in.
  • Use tools to increase understanding of personality and leadership styles.
  • Combining our existing turnkey data management solutions with people-oriented solutions, we develop a coaching-oriented program around Service Acuity. This new system will be attractive to Millennials and other results-oriented employees.